Ten years ago, I was a junior in college at UNH. I had a loaded fall course load with three classes back to back on Tuesdays and Thursdays starting at 8am. By the time I had walked clear across campus, from Hamilton-Smith Hall to Hampshire Hall, for my second class of the day, the first […]

It is only the sixth day of the month and I’ve already failed… But I do have a good excuse. Work has been crazy with only about a thousand different things going on and I forgot my computer on my desk of Friday. (At least that was an improvment from Thursday when I left my […]

Okay. Before anyone says it. I know I’m a horrible blogger. Life once again gotten in the way. I could make all the excuses in the world — up way to early to get kids up, dressed and fed, driving them to two different places, work an 8/9 hour day, back on the road to […]

I’ve been back to work for almost a month (holy cow… where does the time go??) Walking back into the office was like I never left. I’m so lucky that I love my job, because it would be horrible going back to work if I hated what I do. Now that I’m back into the […]

So this post is a week late, but the Booper really hates to be by himself and cries constantly until he is picked up, which can make it difficult to get anything done. So while Micah’s home and holding him and Boops is upstairs asleep, I’ll post a quick update. So turning 30 wasn’t that […]

The last two days we’ve experienced some wintery weather here in Baltimore. I decided yesterday to keep Abby home because I didn’t want to make the trek out the slushy weather and well, today, the roads are just a mess. So we’ve had two days of playing at home with Mom. To help pass the […]

I’ve drafted the first blog post a hundred times, but with two children two years old and under, well it never gets completed. So while both are napping during this snow day, I’m forcing myself to launch this blog (especially since I’m heading back to work from maternity leave in a little over a week). […]